Jeans and Fabric

Maximum creativity
with minimum environmental impact

Custom-cut laser technology

Ot-Las revolutionises the fashion industry with “ReJeans,” the laser system for highly customised jeans and fabrics.
A new, freer and more flexible denim era is born. Exclusive customisations translate ideas into high profile artistry. The new Ot-Las tailoring systems revolutionise how jeans, garments, and fabrics are created, for effects and personality.

This innovation removes the limits to the imagination and destroys any obstacles to productivity.

The new comfort of GREEN TECHNOLOGY

Versatility without boundaries

The evolution of the Ot-Las laser systems offers a potentially infinite range of customisations. From the vintage effect to decorations, from cutting to laser design to bleaching, with the maximum refinement of details and shades.

It is an exceptional tool for designers and manufacturers who want to create out-of-the-ordinary collections indulging in flair and new trends.

Between haute couture and productivity

From haute couture runways to large-scale productions, Ot-Las makes the impossible possible. Increasing production speed thanks to processing directly from the roll and absolute precision that does not require finishing. But also making unique garments and exploring new effects without the costs and difficulties of the past.

Accuracy, design, and contact-free processing suitable even for delicate fabrics.

Jeans that are comfortable, even for the ENVIRONMENT

“ReJeans” has no impact on the environment and the workers’ health. With Ot-Las laser systems, processing becomes Green, without using chemical solvents, inks, and pollutants. The manufacturing efficiency saves energy, and the only processing residue is the smoke that is filtered and then issued, clean, into the air.

The future, prêt-à-porter

Laser tailoring with Ot-Las machines allows jeans and other natural and synthetic fabrics to be processed. From cotton to linen, from viscose to polyester, and on to delicate fabrics such as taffeta, lace, silk, and satin. The absence of pressure on the fabric prevents the risk of unnecessary marks that compromise the quality of the garment.

The laser machinery for Re-Jeans allows designing and cutting the details that will form the trousers directly from the roll, continuously or advancing in steps. This significant time savings makes production fluid and seamless, thanks to automation.

Advanced graphics software, the precision of the HD scanning head, and the image projection system allow the creation of exclusive, complex, and geometric decorations with natural fading effects. The results are unique and authentically Vintage. The fabric can be customised immediately from the roll, on already cut or packaged segments.

Allow yourself to be won over by the exceptional flexibility of the laser to create uniquely styled and sought after garments and collections. The expression of your creativity goes directly on the fabric.

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