Italian marble

with a sophisticated twist

A leader in laser machine manufacturING CUSTOM AND INNOVATIVE MARBLE DESIGN ProviDING the tools to inspire for over 25 years

What we offer

Marble work that is nothing short of inspiring. Design and precision which stretches far beyond creativity. Modernized elements of architecture far from concepts of antiquity.

Ot-Las machinery opens the doors to interior projects which are innovative, elegant, and nothing short of authentic and delightfully unexpected.

Distinguished design

The precision of Ot-Las machinery ensures design and architecture projects bear the unique mark of their conceptualizer. Our machinery’s versatility of application and level of accuracy will ensure that all projects are distinguished and unique.

Sustainability without sacrifice.
Locally sourced and processed, our clients rest assured knowing their requests are met by laser precision without the excess – be it resources, time, or materials. Ot-Las machinery does not employ water-jets, inks, or chemical solvents in the engraving process thus ensuring a streamline of resources used to create high-end, quality products.

From marble selection

to project realization

The marble

The precious and world-renowned Carrara marble processed by Ot-Las machinery is extracted from quarries in the mountains of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy. The extracted blocks are then transported, sawed into slabs, and processed according to their destined function.

Design planning

Designers have a vast and endless combination of marble colors, patterns, and effects at their disposal. Discuss processing and customization options with our experienced consultants, deciding what is best for your specific project. From building décor, to non-conventional surfaces or flooring, no design is off limits.

Laser Marble Engraving

The Ot-Las Laser Machine CX XL transforms your inspirations into magnificent and authentic marble engravings, all while remaining time-efficient and employing the most sophisticated and sustainable technology. Our versatile machinery, complete with graphics and operational software, is built to realize the most intricate of projects. Our machinery’s high precision lasers engrave everything from text to drawings or images, according to personalized processing parameters.

The finished product

The transformation from rendered design to reality is awe-inspiring. Your project begins taking form as soon as your engraved marble is delivered. Admire the innovation, intricate detail, and precision with which Ot-Las Laser technology has realized your unique design.

Your furnished space

Marvel at the sophisticated, luxurious, elegance of finalized projects bearing your personal and customized designs.

Be inspired

Ot-Las Marble engraving machinery transforms your most creative projects into a stylish reality. Elegance, sophistication, and precision take center stage.



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